Ancestors of the Bruce,Hauke,Hayes,Reynolds & Roth families plus many more
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    I'm excited to have this website available for anyone interested in our ancestors! This website was created with hopes of preserving the memories and history of our ancestors. Many of these people we know about, but many are forgotten because their records have been lost or destroyed through the years.

    In any case, itís hard to imagine where we would be today without their dreams, dedication and sacrifice. Our ancestors made it possible for us to live as we do today and we show our gratitude by learning about their life experiences. I hope this website gives you an opportunity to learn something new and exciting about your family.

    Iím still in need of information and photographs on many family members and would appreciate your help in my quest to make this website as complete and accurate as possible.

    Thank You & Enjoy!


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    Children of Frank M Bruce
    Children of Frank M Bruce


    Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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    *Celebrating 8 years of UncoveringThePast!

    *New information and photos are being added as they become available. Check back often!

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    I'm always looking for ways to improve this website. If you have suggestions, comments, questions, corrections, photos or stories you'd like to share, please CONTACT US. I look forward to hearing from you or sign the Guestbook and give me your thoughts.


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