Ancestors of the Bruce,Hauke,Hayes,Reynolds & Roth families plus many more
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Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANNA, Anastasia Kontni\Kontny\Katny/  10 Jul 1892Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1621
2 BRONISLAUS, Bronislawa Kontni\Kontny\Katny/  27 Nov 1895Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1626
3 GLISZCZYNSKA, Valeria  1875Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I652
4 JACH\YACH, Agnes  2 Mar 1888Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1150
5 JACH\YACH, Angeline  7 Sep 1917Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1130
6 JACH\YACH, Augustus  3 Apr 1892Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1153
7 JACH\YACH, Dominica  27 Jul 1894Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1154
8 JACH\YACH, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1875Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1086
9 JACH\YACH, Frances  18 Nov 1868Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1085
10 JACH\YACH, Frank  10 Sep 1878Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1087
11 JACH\YACH, Helen  15 Oct 1893Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1136
12 JACH\YACH, Ignatius Nick  31 Jul 1883Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1089
13 JACH\YACH, Jacob  17 Jul 1876Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1040
14 JACH\YACH, Joseph Thomas  17 Jan 1879Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1041
15 JACH\YACH, Martha  16 Sep 1882Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1043
16 JACH\YACH, Michael  21 Aug 1875Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1039
17 JACH\YACH, Paul  14 Jan 1881Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1088
18 JACH\YACH, Pauline  22 Jun 1879Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1122
19 JACH\YACH, Susanna  28 May 1897Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1155
20 JACH\YACH, Victor  14 Dec 1885Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1125
21 KONTNI\KONTNY\KATNY, Alois  31 Mar 1900Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1627
22 KONTNI\KONTNY\KATNY, Regina Maria  26 Jan 1907Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1632
23 MAGDALINE, Maria Woyak/  10 Oct 1883Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1264
24 MICK, Nick Woyak/  21 Aug 1885Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1266
25 OMERNIK, Barnaby  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I996
26 OMERNIK, Clara B.  30 Aug 1914Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I978
27 OMERNIK, Dan\Damian Peter  21 Feb 1895Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I979
28 OMERNIK, Dominica (Donna)  30 Jul 1890Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I17
29 OMERNIK, Ernest  25 Dec 1905Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I983
30 OMERNIK, Henry  19 Jan 1893Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1276
31 OMERNIK, Josephine  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I995
32 OMERNIK, Nick\Ignats  31 Jul 1905Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I984
33 OMERNIK, Nicodem "Nicholas" Bratislaus  4 Jul 1900Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I865
34 OMERNIK, Onufry Max  12 Jun 1910Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I988
35 OMERNIK, Rosella\Rosa  3 Mar 1898Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I987
36 OMERNIK, Sophia  30 May 1901Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I985
37 OSTROWSKI, Michael  Abt 1875Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1127
38 PEHOWSKI, Elizabeth  19 Nov 1892Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1013
39 STELLA, Anastacia Kontni\Kontny\Katny/  18 Dec 1893Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1624
40 STOTZ, Catherine  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1002
41 SUSANNAM, Susane Woyak/  26 Feb 1882Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1262
42 SZALEWSKI, Paul  30 Jun 1881Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1053
43 SZALEWSKI, Theophil Josephus  6 Mar 1879Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1118
44 SZALEWSKI, Victoria  23 Oct 1876Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1117
45 TOEFIEL, Mike Woyak/  17 Apr 1875Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1258
46 WOYAK, Charles (Charlie)  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1255
47 WOYAK, Eleanor  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1254
48 WOYAK, Frances  3 May 1878Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1259
49 WOYAK, Joseph  18 Mar 1880Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1261
50 WOYAK, Mary  8 Feb 1870Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JACH\YACH, Thomas  13 Jun 1888Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1025
2 LEPINSKI, Frances\Francisca  1 Jan 1915Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I975
3 MILANOWSKI, Thomas  22 Dec 1923Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1479
4 OMERNIK, Dan\Damian Peter  2 Mar 1988Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I979
5 OMERNIK, Joseph J.  27 May 1946Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I974
6 OMERNIK, Rosella\Rosa  9 Mar 1900Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I987
7 SZALEWSKI, Jacob  13 Feb 1894Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1110
8 WOYAK, Regina  24 Jul 1960Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1789


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JACH\YACH, Matilda  Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JACH\YACH, Augustus  17 Apr 1892Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1153
2 JACH\YACH, Dominica  12 Aug 1894Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1154
3 JACH\YACH, Susanna  6 Jun 1897Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin I1155


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GRULKOWSKI / PEHOWSKI\PIECHOWSKI  3 Jun 1889Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin F462
2 JACH\YACH / SZALEWSKI  29 Jan 1877Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin F457
3 PEHOWSKI / ZDROIK  Aug 1930Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin F276
4 PIOTROWSKI / JACH\YACH  8 Feb 1892Polonia, Portage County, Wisconsin F453