Ancestors of the Bruce,Hauke,Hayes,Reynolds & Roth families plus many more
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51 Buried with mother-same casket VEREIDE, Male Infant (I73)
52 Buried with mother-same casket FROISETH, Jacob Marcus (I843)
53 Buried with son-same casket BRULAND, Johanna Marie (I840)
54 Buried with son-same casket/Buried in the Etterlie lot JACOBSON (PEDERSON), Nicolaia (Nicolaya) Helene (Helena) (I70)
55 Came to the Hillsboro area from Falmouth, Maine at the age of 9 along with his father and sister Marcia. He worked for his uncle Albert Field on a farm between Hillsboro and Union Center. He was a teamster for Vernon County Milling in Hillsboro for 18 years. The family moved to the Ed Winslow farm near Black River Falls in 1909-1910, then to the Straw farm north of Hillsboro until 1915 when the home farm on Hillsprairie was purchased. Bert retired in 1938. FIELD, Albert (Bert) (I3263)
56 Came to the US at age 12 from Germany, settled in Lancaster County, PA BOBB, John Conrad (I3116)
57 Came to the US in 1890 per Marian's sheets KONTNI\KONTNY\KATNY, Martin (I990)
58 Cammin Dom or cathedral, marriage No. 70, 1799. This is the only couple at this church in this timeframe with a Bruss husband having children baptized, he a ship's carpenter. Very likely the parents of Martin Freidrich Bruss. Family F1490
59 Cancer PEHOWSKI\PIECHOWSKI, Emeline (I1897)
60 Cancer PEHOWSKI\PIECHOWSKI, Martha (I1898)
61 Cancer widespread metastasis
Cancer of kidney
Fracture of femur 
BRUCE, Hattie Josephine (I4109)
62 Carcinoma of liver and colon FABRY, Maurice Joseph (I4171)
63 Check DOB!!! VEREIDE, Julia Olufina (Olefina) (I68)
64 Clara never married and supported Frances by being a seamstress. Clara and Frances lived with Clara's parents. DILLING, Clara E. (I1901)
65 Crypt 16, Tier B, Inside O BRUCE, Frank Milton II (I1877)
66 Date applied for STROIK, Andrew\Andreas (I997)
67 Date from Cammin church records. William George Bruce wrote that his father Augustus had 3 brothers including William who died young. BRUSS, Wilhelm Friedrich (I4368)
68 Date from Old Lutherans Emigration book showing him 40 in 1839, and in the 1850 Census showing him as 51. BRUSS, Martin Friedrich (I930)
69 Date of death and burial on death certificate do not coincide.
Death date:10/8/1948
Burial date:9/11/1948

Fracture of right femur
Chronic myocarditis
cerebral arteriosclerosis 
BACKUS, Alvina (I4108)
70 David Omernik, Elizabeth Omernik PEHOWSKI, Natalie Mary (I10)
71 Death certificate lists mother as Pearl Omernik

Jelinski as last name from somewhere 12/96 
OLEYNIK, Pelagia\Pearl (I991)
72 December 19, 1843 is shown by Ralph Kizewski
MaryAnn Mangen/Christopher Pehoski 
73 Did not emigrate with the family. BRUSS, Wilhelm Friedrich (I4368)
74 Died before 1854-1855 City Directory w/Maria Bruss, 383 E. Water, no Martin, & before 1 June 1855 Wisconsin Census w/Mrs. Brauss, Aug. Braus, no Martin Bruss. Petition for probate likely 25 July 1855 [Ellen Rohr]. No Bruss in 1852-1875 death index. BRUSS, Martin Friedrich (I930)
75 Died from a heart attack WATSON, William Albert (I4029)
76 Died from an absess ROZMARYNOWSKI, Charles Joseph (I4509)
77 Died from cancer JOHNSON, Thomas Arthur (I4036)
78 Died from colon cancer WALKER, Cornelius T. (I4040)
79 Died from dropsy REED, Catharine (I759)
80 Died from heart disease HAYES, James (I101)
81 Died from heart failure WATSON, Genevieve (I4030)
82 Died from influenza HAYES, James Edward (I25)
83 Died from influenza epidemic JOHNSON, Thomas (I4037)
84 died from ruptured appendix BRUCE, Alice M. (I4028)
85 Died from TB HENDRICK, Bertha (I4122)
86 Died from toxemia REYNOLDS, Elizabeth Mary (I24)
87 Died in infancy per Tekla Dunn WOYAK, Mathidy (I1304)
88 Died in infancy per Tekla Dunn WOYAK, Harriet (I1305)
89 Died of apoplexy PEACH, William (I755)
90 DOB 11/18/1880 per 1905 census per Ray Raflick sheet 12/96 RICHTER, John Ben (I1344)
91 DOB 12/28/1894 on funeral card OMERNIK, David Thomas (I862)
92 DOB 2/22/1894 per original entry SCHULIST, Peter (I1597)
93 DOB 3/1902 per Clara Schulist
First name also spelled Sophia per Teckla Dunn
DOB 3/6/1903 per Sr. Flocella sheets 
BRYCHELL, Sophie (I1485)
94 DOB Might be 30th VEREIDE, Ole Berton (I71)
95 DOB Might be the 28th ROSENWATER, Mifo Rachel Marie (I53)
96 DOB-11/22/1875 (Source-Peter David Pehoski)
DOB-4/11/1873 (Source-Frances B Meronk Pehoski)
Sacred Heart Church records show Leon as Leo Piechowski
Obituary notice of the Stevens Point Journal has DOB as 4/11/1874 
97 DOD 9/18/1988 per Ray Raflick 12/96

"Going through other material that I obtained on family history....I found an unknown author with the following information: Raymond Richter's folks 
RICHTER, Raymond Sr. (I1558)
98 DOD may be 5/26/1946 per death certificate
Addition notes in binder (VB-00) 
OMERNIK, Joseph J. (I974)
99 Downs Syndrome JOHNSON, Genevieve (I4038)
100 Dzikoski Funeral Home SCHULIST, Frank (I1652)

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