Ancestors of the Bruce,Hauke,Hayes,Reynolds & Roth families plus many more
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Wisconsin (Portage County)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JACH\YACH, Alex  1901Wisconsin (Portage County) I1157
2 JACH\YACH, Anthony Leo  3 May 1885Wisconsin (Portage County) I1044
3 JACH\YACH, Barney  27 Aug 1900Wisconsin (Portage County) I1139
4 JACH\YACH, Felix  22 Oct 1887Wisconsin (Portage County) I1126
5 JACH\YACH, Gertrude Maria  2 Jul 1890Wisconsin (Portage County) I1047
6 JACH\YACH, Helen  Abt 1888Wisconsin (Portage County) I1091
7 JACH\YACH, Joanna  22 Apr 1896Wisconsin (Portage County) I1137
8 JACH\YACH, John  14 Dec 1879Wisconsin (Portage County) I1146
9 JACH\YACH, Joseph  5 Feb 1884Wisconsin (Portage County) I1148
10 JACH\YACH, Joseph  15 Feb 1886Wisconsin (Portage County) I1090
11 JACH\YACH, Julius Ignatius  12 Apr 1889Wisconsin (Portage County) I1046
12 JACH\YACH, Lucia  7 Jan 1890Wisconsin (Portage County) I1134
13 JACH\YACH, Mary  24 Feb 1882Wisconsin (Portage County) I1147
14 JACH\YACH, Matilda  Abt 1903Wisconsin (Portage County) I1158
15 JACH\YACH, Peter  5 Jun 1889Wisconsin (Portage County) I1133
16 JACH\YACH, Phillip  Abt 1890Wisconsin (Portage County) I1092
17 SZALEWSKI, Anastasia  23 Sep 1883Wisconsin (Portage County) I1119
18 SZALEWSKI, Felix  25 Mar 1886Wisconsin (Portage County) I1120
19 SZALEWSKI, Michael  4 Sep 1888Wisconsin (Portage County) I1121


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAWAT, Jospehine Brygitta  1 Dec 1932Wisconsin (Portage County) I1055
2 JACH\YACH, Alex  10 Sep 1919Wisconsin (Portage County) I1157
3 JACH\YACH, Barney  22 Apr 1955Wisconsin (Portage County) I1139
4 JACH\YACH, Gertrude Maria  9 Aug 1891Wisconsin (Portage County) I1047
5 JACH\YACH, John  5 Mar 1916Wisconsin (Portage County) I1146
6 JACH\YACH, Juliane  Jan 1880Wisconsin (Portage County) I1026
7 JACH\YACH, Lucia  20 Feb 1891Wisconsin (Portage County) I1134
8 JACH\YACH, Matilda  16 Oct 1957Wisconsin (Portage County) I1158
9 JACH\YACH, Michael  Bef 1880Wisconsin (Portage County) I1039
10 JAKUBEK, Frank  16 Apr 1934Wisconsin (Portage County) I1159
11 TRYBA, Peter  Abt 1938Wisconsin (Portage County) I1093
12 WARDYN, Catharina  21 Jun 1898Wisconsin (Portage County) I1111


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JACH\YACH, Juliane  22 Jan 1880Wisconsin (Portage County) I1026
2 JACH\YACH, Michael  Wisconsin (Portage County) I1039